Sunday, November 14, 2010

What are your moments of enlightenment?

What are your moments of enlightenment?

  1. Argentina, waiting for the bus from the airport. The first realization that time does not always mean doing life by my schedule.
  2. Learning loss in Argentina, one week into the trip, in Russia and in Turkey. Losing what I thought was valuable and continuing to wrestle with that loss throughout the trip. The drive from Cairo to Sinai and dealing with my frustrations of having no music or books to pass the time.
  3. The idea of doing absolutely nothing for 4 days on the felucca sailboats, and being moved by our devotions, Dr. Norton’s message about Woe to you who go back to Egypt for comfort. Too much time for prayer and not enough distractions.
  4. Africa-dealing with the apprehension and fear of coming to Kenya. Worried that my life would change, that God would call me back, that my heart would break for the country.
  5. The walk in Kibera, the second largest Urban slum in Africa. The homestays with Mamma Grace and Joyce’s family, selling vegetables and reading Scripture together with her family.
  6. All of India. Being constantly uncomfortable and slightly on edge.
  7. Learning to deal with my discomfort, my fears, my anxiety and seeing that God is the only constant thing on this trip and in my life.
  8. Learning that I only have a small amount of control over the future and my future ambitions. Trusting in God that he will provide and take care of my living situation, money, my car, classes, my job and career and my relationship with friends, family and Matt.
  9. Knowing that I need to be continually praying for my mom, sisters, brothers and family
  10. Accepting a compliment.
  11. Finding joy in writing and recording stories.
  12. Seeing joy in people who have nothing, no money, little food, poor living conditions, children begging and not in school.
  13. Having church, worship and devotions with no carpet, no coffee, no fancy sound equipment, no RockHarbor.
  14. Wearing the same 3 outfits over and over. Learning to be dirty and not hate every second.
  15. Diving into Scripture and reconnecting with God who wants to speak truth and love into my heart
  16. Preparing and dealing with Spiritual warfare in Turkey and Egypt and in primarily Muslim or Hindu countries.
  17. Dreaming about how God will use me to impact the world
  18. Giving a devotion and knowing that God will use my to speak His truth
  19. Discovering that the Lord does give strength to his people, he blesses his people with peace
  20. Recording the good and the bad. Getting frustrated with God, saying that He has taken everything away from me. And he has. He is removing my crutches, my earthly desires, what I think I need or want. He has taken them and replaced them with a beautiful community of fellow Christians who can pray and support me.
  21. Not having anything else to rely on but God-no clothes, no snacks, no car, no music, no job, no income, no cell phone, no Internet, no schedule or Starbucks. Relying fully on him as my support, my foundation, my comfort, my joy, my love, my devotion

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  1. Amanda, what an awesome thing that God has taken (and continues to take) you through. I can't wait for you to get home so you can share all of the things that God is doing in you! - Erik


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