Thursday, February 24, 2011

The PRESENCE of the Lord

The subheading of my blog- Surely the Lord is in this place, is from Genesis when Jacob slept with a stone under his head. The Lord gave him a vision of a stairway ascending to heaven. God says, I am the Lord your God...I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go.

When Jacob wakes, he exclaims,
"Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it." So he takes the stone, anoints it with oil, and sets it up as an altar for God. He called this place Bethel, which means House of God. (Genesis 28:10-19).

I have been recounting this section of scripture over the past few days. God has been revealing to me that His presence is in every part of my day and night. It's the very air I breathe. Without His presence, there's no meaning. It is the very love that we so need.

I love Exodus 33 when Moses says, God, if you're presence isn't coming with us, don't move us from this place. Because what would be the point? It would be meaningless. "What else will distinguish me and your people from all the other people on the face of the earth?”

And right after that declaration, God says, "Ok Moses, I will do the very thing you ask, because I am pleased with you and I know you by name." (!)

And then.......He get's to meet with God and see his true glory!!

Oh, Surely God, you are in this place. Make us more and more aware of it. Let us hunger for your presence. It's like a fire, a flood, fresh rain, precious gold. And if you aren't coming with us, don't lead us away. But if you're calling us to a new place or season, we will drop everything and go. May we be so in tune with your Spirit that we no longer say "We were unaware." Your presence is all we seek. All we desire is to know you and be known by you.


  1. This is so good Amanda! Wherever God's presence is...that's where I want to be! Bottom line!! Thanks for this post =)

  2. I can't imagine how Moses must have felt when he met God. I mean I don't even know how I would react myself to be honest. Also, I agree with you in your liking of Exodus 33. Really what is the point if we are in a place without the presence of God. Such a great post. I enjoyed the verses

  3. I've been reading through the Bible doing the one year plan and am in Deuteronomy now, but I thought it was so cool how God revealed himself to Moses and the Israelites all the time, especially when they questioned, doubted, or even turned away from Him. He showed them His epic power and glory.

  4. Amanda, I've been thinking about this all week long. Thank you for posting that resonated so closely with me.

    A few nights ago, I was lying in bed, just thinking about God. And like Jacob, I realized that God was present...and I was immediately afraid. I couldn't handle the fact that he was there. Yet, like you said about Moses, what WOULD be the point of living, if he wasn't there with me?

    I remember a line from Narnia- when someone was asked about whether Aslan (the lion) was safe, he responded, "Of course he isn't safe. But he is good."

  5. So true! What's the point if God's not with us? Our whole lives should revolve around Him and His calling for us otherwise they are meaningless.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. SO good!! I love the OT. It reminds us of God's faithfulness and allows us to trust Him, see Him, and follow Him whenever and always. So encouraging and gave me chills. good chills, of course. Because the chills remind me of the Truth when I read it. That God TRULY is in this place, always with us!

  7. I was crying "then what is the point??" to God just a few days ago... to read and be reminded that I am not alone in these thoughts and pursuits (hello, Moses) is absolutely... refreshing.


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