Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have been experiencing God's Presence in the most unusual ways at the most unexpected times. God has been showing me how much joy He brings through surprise encounters with Him. It is so amazing.
I can hardly count the ways in these past 3 weeks that I have really felt the Spirit.
I went up for prayer after service last week, after Johnny spoke about experiencing absolute FREEDOM that is given from Christ. I wasn't really dealing with anything particular. He said whoever just wants more of Jesus, come up for prayer.
Infinite amounts of freedom.
More and more, an increasing amount.
Be free and keep being free and keep experiencing His freedom.

The other day I was driving in my car (Cupcake! haha) and I was just thinking about the pure goodness of God. I just started crying. Seriously, it was probably mildly to moderately dangerous to be driving.

There's something so cathartic about just crying out to God. I love those moments of pure honesty. Sometimes it feels safer just to put a nice buffer in my prayer life. But when that comes down, wow. It's like God just comes in and removes all the space between us.
I want to live with no space between us.
That is what I have been resting in the past few days.

I am still guarding my mornings and setting aside time for communion with Jesus. I feel like those times in the morning, more so after the coffee is brewed, I am sowing into Heaven.

I don't always see the reward there-maybe I see it later in the day or week, in a breakthrough in a friend, an answered prayer request, getting rocked during worship, having Scripture come to mind at the perfect time, being able to receive a word from someone, experiencing an overflow of joy at the reality of His Freedom. If effectiveness is measured in overflow, I am totally experiencing that lately.

I wanted to document this season because I know it doesn't always seem so...rewarding or some other adjective...I'll be praying for continued breakthrough for you, my friends. May the reality of His love and peace surround you today.


  1. Amanda!!! I love this story! I loved it when you shared it at life group the other night! I just love that unique moment you had and I know that is certainly is something I am striving for in my life as well! I've had a few experiences like that and man! If that's a glimpse to what Heaven is going to be like, then I am STOKED!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. im just really stoked for you :)

  3. Dito the above... soo freaking excited to meet you, Amanda! :-) Even though it kind of feels like we already have!

  4. Freedom in Christ is so awesome! I love that Rock Harbor is doing a series in freedom. It is something I have really been pondering lately. So awesome how God is bringing you more and more freedom and that you were able to pour out your heart to Him. I love that as you have been faithful in spending your mornings with Jesus He reveals himself to you in maybe not that morning but in others ways. I am encouraged by that and hope to be faithful to do the same in setting aside my mornings. Thanks for sharing this :)

  5. This is a marker for you. Thank you for taking the time to write it down, being faithful with those sweet moments God is giving you.

  6. Amanda, I really admire you. You are so in tune with the Spirit. Your discipline to get up SO early every morning is seriously so encouraging, as well as convicting haha. I'm excited for you and excited to walk with you for the last couple months that you're in orange county! Thank you for the prayers.

  7. this makes me so happy for you. : )

  8. He loves being with you. He loves hearing from you. He loves you. He is giving you His heart as you are faithful to give Him yours.

  9. mmm, thank you for building this remembrance, amanda. this is a great example of how God is in all places. i think so often we expect Him to show up during service, during prayer time, basically just during church or church-sanctioned events. but God is so much bigger than that and much more out of control. that's exciting.


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