Saturday, May 22, 2010


I've been inspired to start writing about the upcoming trip early, to articulate preparations before I leave in the Fall.

Some of my goals are to:
1. Experience personal development
2. Hear from God and be used by him in my encounters with other people
3. Form stories about experiences with individuals we meet
4. Hear the story of someone’s life
5. Take pictures that make statements
6. Have experiences that provoke thought
7. Learn humility
8. Gain insight into other cultures, firsthand
9. Attempt to discover “What is culture?”
10. Eat interesting food
11. Cook something from scratch
12. Successfully document events
13. Record what I learn
14. Spend a whole day in silence, in observation
15. Reflect on my greatest weakness
16. Discover my strengths
17. Know my neighbors
18. Sleep under the stars
19. Give anonymously
20. Serve, serve, serve

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