Saturday, May 22, 2010

Opportunity for adventures

I am writing to tell you of a challenging and exciting opportunity that has been presented to me. As a senior at Concordia University in Irvine, CA, I am in the midst of the best years of my life, as they say. This cliché is becoming my reality, and my purpose is to share these amazing moments with you.

I have been accepted to Concordia’s “Around the World Semester” for the Fall 2010 term. Along with 25 other students, I will spend four months traveling abroad to ten countries not only learning of culture, but also experiencing it firsthand. As an International Studies major and Anthropology minor, this opportunity is definitely a dream that will not only come true, but also it is a dream that will be experienced in every strenuous, intense and awe-inspiring detail. My hope is to discover a deeper sense of self, others, and my role in this giant world.

My group will spend 2-3 weeks each in Argentina, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Kenya, India, Indonesia and China. I will be enrolled as a full-time student, and receive 15 credits for my semester abroad. The dates of the trip are August 16th- December 17th, 2010. During this 18-week program (124 days), we will take part in many service projects such as teaching English in China, volunteering for an Indian orphanage, serving in the slums of Kenya and Biblical and historical research projects in Israel, Jordan, Kenya and Turkey.

God has opened up a door for me to develop a greater heart of compassion for His people around the world
I look forward to this trip of a lifetime, and to sharing with you how many lives have been impacted, including my own.

Blessings ~ In Christ,
Amanda Bieniek

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