Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The noise of daily life has been pressing into me lately. I feel it, dense and strong, like a night sky pressing inwards. It isn't a hopeless feeling, rather anticipation or an eagerness to explore unknown places. I want to sit and write, record, dream, describe, wonder at the different facets of humankind.

It is something akin to wanderlust: an intense desire to travel, an ache for the distance. But for now I will stay, soaking up familiar sights, the comfort of routine, normal life. Because soon, this will be forsaken, replaced by the wanderings of my other life of simplicity and separation from all that is known.

Milonga Hostel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  1. Your writing has always amazed me. I'm so impressed by you right now, I can't wait to read and see how much God will impact your life, not just now while you're at home, or in the next few months on your trip, but God has got major plans for you for the rest of your life! Of course he does for all of us, but you have a special and beautiful seeking heart and I know He will just do amazing things with you :)


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