Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finding Balance

I have to physically and consciously stop myself from researching for this trip anymore. There is only so much preparation that can go into a trip, before it is over-planned. My slightly OCD nature has caused me to make endless packing lists, read too many travel accounts, sift through countless guidebooks, search for the perfect travel clothes, and just over-think what should best be defined as a spontaneous adventure.

I sent out my second support letter on Monday and finished buying sunscreen, bug spray and my textbooks. The preparations are finished.
With 5 weeks left before we depart, I want to focus on enjoying every moment I have in California. I have been viewing this trip as part of my future, and my focus has been looking ahead, while ignoring what is around me today. Know that I am excited for what God has in store for me and the team overseas, but He is also doing a work in my heart and mind to prepare for what will come. Praying for peace and patience,

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