Thursday, August 19, 2010

City life and Slum living

Buenos Aires:
These past two days have been a blur of city streets, empanadas, Spanish phrases, a few classes and meeting many new faces. Wait, 3 days, 2 full days. Yesterday we volunteered with a non-government organization (LIFE); we helped host a birthday party for the kids living in the slum of Ciudad Oculta, in Southern Buenos Aires. A ten minute car ride took us from socialite downtown to some of the poorest neighborhoods I have ever seen. Our group of 30 was split into 2, and we joined four other volunteers (two from Britain, one from Denmark, and one from Paris).

Earlier that morning I was journaling about how my heart seemed hardened to the service projects we would be doing on this trip. I wanted to be excited, but I had my own selfish traveling agenda in mind. Thankfully God did a work in my heart on the van ride over, and the selfishness I had been wrestling with was calmed. The birthday party was a success! There were dirt floors, our decorations were falling off the walls, candles slipped off the homemade cakes, games of soccer and jump rope were constantly interrupted by cars driving down the narrow, one-lane street..

But kids smiled and laughed. We attempted to speak Spanish as we painted faces, wrapped presents, and sang Happy Birthday twice, in each language. My heart was moved to greater compassion, and the kids were shown Christ's love.

We have had a few classes: Spanish, Cold War, Argentinian history. Tomorrow is World Religions (Islam) and World Literature (The Tango Singer). Today a few of us wandered the city streets and found a few cafes where we read for our classes. We visited Plaza de Mayo, the Congress building, and navigated the subway system (1 peso/25 cents each way).

I am trying to take in every sight and sound, and record it all in my big black journal so I don't forget these incredible moments. Thanks for reading, I'll update with the stories for my Travel Writing class soon,

Please pray for unity among the team and time management to do our service projects, read and study for class, alone time, time with God for devotions and worship, and time with locals in this beautiful city.


  1. sounding good so far....keep embracing each and every moment Amanda! xxoo

  2. Your honesty and stories are so beautiful! Glad to hear your first days are going so well!

  3. thank you for allowing us to be part of your experance, looking foward to you next post blessings to you Amanda and all God has for you on this journey

  4. wow, can't believe you're out there and doing it! There is so many things for you to be doing too! I'll definitely pray for some calmness to go your way. :) Miss you even more (if that's possible)


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