Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pre-Departure anxiety

Yesterday was really difficult. My mom called me and I said "I changed my mind. I don't want to go anymore. You can have my ticket; I want to stay in Irvine and work and go to school like a normal 21 year old." That was the first time I held anything but excitement and love for this trip.

Step 1 of my transformation. Anyone can be excited about traveling. But when I packed up my room, paid all my bills, made my last deposits and started saying goodbye, that was a defining moment. Another step in the journey towards growing, changing and shifting my mindset to be more like Jesus. I want to be stretched beyond what I am used to, and nothing says simplicity more than living out of a backpack.

So the journey doesn't start tomorrow. Because it has already begun. The adventure continues: off to Buenos Aires tomorrow with an amazing group of people. May God continue to change our hearts towards his heart, as we receive grace upon grace.


  1. Amanda...obviously God is with you and carrying you at this very moment as you truly walk along side of him thru this new journey you are on...Praise God!! Safe travels girl...and God will be back real soon........ XXOO

  2. Amanda, I had a lot of anxiety before my last trip out of the country too, but I'm glad you're getting through it. I'm so excited for you and your trip, I can't wait to hear all of the things God will do.
    I'm sending all my love your way <3

  3. few realize the journey continues! you are a step ahead of your fellow students. this will be a pivotal turning point that further affirms Gods work in your life. while the action of living out of a travel pack is life changing. it's recognizing, applying, and remembering the differences between needs and wants. simplicity doesn't just mean material things but thought and actions too. while it's difficult to find that balance I pray the journey is far more important that the destination. so my prayer continues. words of hope safety and peace. simple words with complex depth and meaning. Always preach the gospel. if necessary use words. amen


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