Friday, March 18, 2011

Temporal vs Kingdom

I have been preoccupied with very temporal things lately. School, finances, learning how to sell and buy a car, budgeting, planning. It seems a waste to dedicate so much time to issues that have little or no spiritual, eternal value. Some of these things must be done.

But they should be done differently. 

  • How can organizing and budgeting my finances serve the Kingdom?
  • How can the way I sell my car glorify Christ?
  • How does the way I view the future display Christ's character and freedom?
  • Does my life scream that I live for someone greater than anything in this world?
  • Does my life squish itself up against God's side, so that he covers me with his feathers as I rest under his wings (Psalm 91:4)? 
  • Am I so close to Him that his heartbeat resonates clearly to my heart and out towards others?
Ah, such difficult questions. I guess the answer rests in taking hold of every redemptive moment, as Darin so aptly describes it.
Let us pray that more than our words proclaim the reality and nearness of the Kingdom of God.


  1. SO true! Ah, Amanda, I love this! Christianity isn't about disappearing into a monastery and being prayer and solitude twenty-four hours a day. It is about infusing the everyday moments of life with a kingdom-perspective. Thanks for this thought today.

  2. yeaaaaaaaaah so good! this spoke to me cause I'm struggling with the pointlessness of U.S History Homework when I could be studying the Word. But it's such valuable advice to see every moment as an opportunity to glorify God and further the Kingdom. amen

  3. How can organizing and budgeting my finances serve the Kingdom? - Every gift belongs to God & though I hate that money creates what seems to be every issue under the sun it can be used for ministry. Using the resources God has given you wisely (finances) brings responsibility & discipline. Plus, when you budget & spend wisely, giving God the first fruit, the best, He entrusts you with more because He knows He can. I am helping send people this summer, though I would much rather go myself, I am helping the Kingdom grow through my budgeting & finance :)

    Yes, I am the accountant. That's why we have each other. lol

    Does my life scream that I live for someone greater than anything in this world? YES, it does. I see it. I know it. It does Amanda.

    Zach, we study history so that it doesn't repeat itself and for countless other reasons. I love HIS-STORY. lol, okay, that was pretty bad. :)

  4. This is a good reminder. I have been thinking lately about what is the Kingdom of God and what does it look like here on earth. Looking at the everyday things and viewing it in light of glorifying God is exactly what it is about!

  5. I've been dealing with the same thing Amanda. It seemed like before I started looking for a car, money wasn't that big of a deal. Now that I am making a huge investment, I've become consumed in thoughts about money and how I am going to do everything. Why does everything have to become so complicated? I just want to stop worrying and rely on God.

  6. Such a good post. anything and everything can and should be related to how best to further Gods kingdom. even if one needs to make a list to see it all. Glad you provided this reminder :)

  7. this is absolutely important. thanks for asking these questions. i've definitely found myself recently feeling like i want to give up school or stop going to work so i can focus on the relationships that i feel glorify God. i don't think that's me being honorable to God, i think it's me using God as an excuse to be irresponsible. who am i to say that the relationships and experiences i have at school or work aren't worthy of my time or of my perspective on the Lord? i'll be asking a lot of these questions in the next few months. thanks for bringing them to my attention.


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