Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Circles-Week 1

What a lovely idea-to form a group of friends who share true testimonies of God's love, provision and lessons. Part of me says-Wait, that's not supposed to will take years to build a foundation based on honest sharing. But I see it already, and I am blessed to be a part of this group!

This week has been 1. Amazing and 2. Busy. I started my second job yesterday which keeps me extra busy. When my schedule gets rushed, that should be the time I seek solace in my quiet times with God. But this week it has been escaping me. I'll read a devotion, and a few verses, then either lose my concentration or lose interest.

So my prayers have become- Jesus, help me to hunger and thirst for your word, your righteousness, and honest purity. Grant me an undivided heart and mind. Help me to continue to cultivate an extravagant love that casts out fear of the unknown. I choose daily to build my hope upon you. May I guard my relationship with you, because you are the source of all strength and goodness. May we seek and keep seeking, together.


  1. praying you are overwhelmed by the goodness of Immanuel-God with YOU, tonight.

  2. "Grant me an undivided heart and mind". This prayer is much needed in my life as well! There are so many distractions that pull us in every direction, but somehow we have to keep focused. I think that's a little a bit of what Circles is meant to help us do =) Excited for this journey!


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