Saturday, January 1, 2011

I will give you a new name

I have hardly begun to process what has happened in the past 6 months. I have been home for 2 weeks, and I already feel as though God is ushering in a new season.

Last night, after a homemade pizza party, the house was full of a group of amazing people who love Jesus. We gathered to worship, pray and prophesy together. After several songs, each person received several "words" from God. The "guidelines" for prophesy are that the words must be encouraging, point towards Jesus, and build up and strengthen the person to further walk in their identity as a Christ-follower.

I transcribed the revelations as best I could in my journal. Marissa, my sister-in-law, two of my brothers, my mom, dad, two family friends and two guys my age from Bethel's Supernatural School of Discipleship were present. I wrote 16 pages of revelation.

While I would love to share the words that everyone received, I will share my own in hopes of remembering God's promises for this new year:
  • My mom kept hearing the song Rock a by baby. She saw a cradle up in a tree. She said, I know you fully trust God. When the tree branch breaks, the cradle will not fall.
  • Another vision was that God was laying dramatic colors over me. He is working on a huge abstract painting that is taller than me. We take clumps of paint together to form this masterpiece. It has taken awhile. At times I walk away from this painting, because it is a process. I have come back to it, and I will finally be able to finish it. This season is over and something beautiful is almost finished to display.
  • God is now opening something bigger to rejuvenate me. Be bold and step into that calling. People see your joy and wonder where it comes from. They desire that joy.
  • Every time God fills others, he does not run out. There will always be enough of him, more than enough. Do not worry, his hand is over that. Worry isn't something to live in-God has you in his hand.
It was an amazing night, filled with encouraging words and promises. There is so much more to share, but I sense that the right time will come to share more.
For now I pray that these words will sink into my heart and that I will walk on these promises of truth.
Be encouraged, my friends. God knows exactly where you are, and he desires to move you closer and closer to his heart.

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  1. Wow! It was soo refreshing to hear how the spirit has been moving in your life; not only in your journeys but also in your return home. Re-entry is often such a fog, but it sounds to me that you have a great group of believers who are actively helping you to process all that you have learned on your trip I. A manner which brings most glory to Christ. I briefly mentioned tonight at circles that i had lived in Jordan for a time and you said that you had been and ridden camels there. 1) I thought that was a hella funny comment and 2) I would love to hear more about your travels in the near future. God bless.
    -nick chiurazzi (circles slice)


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