Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cautious adventure?

I am usually a fairly cautious person. I like sitting in coffee shops or bookstores, reading or writing, journaling or doing a devotion. But this trip presents such an opportunity for adventure. And I want to test that! Perhaps it's foolish or naive, but I desire to seek out independence. I want to take the bus downtown, to discover life, observe and accept the challenge of just figuring out how to get through.

Being in a new, foreign country presents it's own opportunities. Some of those are obviously dangerous-being out alone at night, going with someone you don't know, eating uncooked meat from a street vendor, downing a glass of unfiltered tap water.
Some are just dangerous enough to satiate my wanderlust.

But there's an opposition: a need and promise we made to be safe, because others are responsible for this group, and we have to be responsible for ourselves. Nothing foolish, nothing dangerous.
So I am left with this tension between discovering my limits, and remaining well within them..

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