Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sunday we said goodbye to Buenos Aires. Our longest days of traveling included layovers in Santiago, Chile, New York and Helsinki, Finland. Other than a lack of sleep, a few pieces of missing luggage and a too-close encounter with the Finnish security guard, we made it to Moscow on Tuesday afternoon.

While standing in line for Customs, I met two people who were fluent in several languages. One girl from Armenia could speak six languages! This left me feeling inspired and dejected at the same time. The language barrier for us is much much greater here than it was in Argentina.

I have no background in Russian, and it took time to even learn the new Cyrillic alphabet. It is so frustrating not to be able to communicate a single thing--how grateful we are to be in this beautiful, freezing, rainy country that has amazing food, interesting people and an amazing history.

This got me thinking about my future.
  • What do I want to do with my life?
  • What is worthy of dedication?
  • Should I have studied something else, somewhere else?
I love traveling
This trip has been the most intense, vast, expedited learning experience I have ever had.

I am growing, changing and evaluating life and culture everyday.
I am living culture.
I pray that God would continue to speak to my heart what He has for my life, and specifically my occupation after college.
I desire to find the peace that comes from knowing I am in the perfect place.
I am just where God wants me.
I am in Vladimir, Russia, but I am home with Christ and my new friends that are participating in this University homeschool Around the World..

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  1. I love seeing your thought process. And if I thought I could give you great advice, I would, but it seems as though you are asking above, so I'll just pray you becoming inspired. :)

    Good luck with your russian! It's such a beautiful language! Hopefully you will meet up with Kate soon, and she can give you some pointers!

    Keep learning and laughing and loving.... I miss you girl :)



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