Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunrise:: Son, Rise

Ants are walking, scurrying along. They build homes for themselves, hardly aware of what exists beyond this life. They form, create, marvel at simplicity. It is enticing, that which they chase. They form perfectly straight lines, row after row. Summoning passion, these creatures march. In rhythm they sing, like fire they dance. There exists no knowledge of what is beyond these hills, these walls that surround. Even the pillars hide from men.

Light peeks over, as if with one eye open, winking in shy greeting. Slowly he rises, timed perfectly with passing seconds. My heart flashes, excited. More, I urge him on. Even these two hands connected raise in anticipation. The blaze continues his journey, two eyes open, both open wide. Colors wave gently in the dawn breeze, the ants continue onwards. The fire reaches over, extends his rays and proclaims his arrival. Houses illuminate, streets brighten, paths become visible. Hills are now intricately patterned, lovingly carved. A great design pours forth, and creation stops at the coming splendor. Feet cease to move, and the people fall down, in fear and awe of the incredible power that is portrayed, of the loving majesty that is now revealed.

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